Dawn: The Final Awakening Book One by J. Thorn and Zach Bohannon

Is it read-worth? Absolutely not. This is one of the very few books that have made my DNF list. Why? Because the writing is SO bad. The dialogue sucks. The characters are boring. And the parts I did read were confusing and seemed pretty stupid to be perfectly honest.

Storyline? Maybe? Spoilers? Maybe?

The Blackout arrives and Dax Harper is alone, fighting for survival, and looking for his sister as fights break out. He finds his ex-girlfriend (who is missing a leg, but lost her prosthetic) and is a suddenly a leader. And then people kidnap everyone? To make meth? I don’t know. I didn’t finish this book. They got kidnapped to make meth during the apocalypse (or something… the Blackout is never explained…) and I just couldn’t believe how stupid it all sounded so I stopped reading the book. I honestly don’t understand why this book has so many good reviews on Amazon or why my boyfriend (who recommended it to me) likes it so much. Maybe it gets better, but I doubt it.

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